Abstract art born from the perpetual movement of life in the delicate balance between boldness and obscure, contrast and nebulous, simplicity and maximalism.

Winter Circle I Acrylic Painting KLANGWELT

Winter Circle Series

Winter Circle II Acrylic Painting KLANGWELT
Winter Circle III abstract expressionist acrylic painting KLANGWELT
Winter Circle - Part 4 - Abstract Acrylic Painting by Klangwelt

Spring Series

Ultraviolet Abstract Expressionist Painting KLANGWELT

Some of the artwork from these series draw inspiration from the fantastical adventures of The Witcher.

Ultraviolet (The Road To Kaer Morhen) - The Witcher inspired painting
Anotimpul Furtunilor (Blood and Wine)
Spring Series IV - Glow in the Dark Acrylic Painting WIP
"Split" Mixed Media Acrylic Painting by Klangwelt
Abstract Acrylic Painting December 2023 KLANGWELT
The Tower - Mixed Media Watercolor, Oil Pastel
Spring Series III

Flow Fields Series

These artwork series recreate creative coding Perlin Noise Flow Fields using watercolors, watercolor pens, and watercolor pencils. It’s an analog approach to a digital concept, similar to live sequencing using modular synths and patches in audio: fleeting flowing layers of colors that cluster around gravitational centers. While shapes look in a certain way when wet, the end result is always a surprise as watercolor has its own unpredictable way of revealing its Pigments and luminosity.

The feeling of an endless summer adventure, where time melts away together with any restrictions or worries.

Autumn Series

Warm but moody, Autumn Series try to capture the subtle wrestle between solar exuberance and the Earth’s quiet surrender, in a culmination of richness of tones and cadence.

Glow in the Dark Dyptich Close Details panel 1
Glow in the Dark Dyptich Close Details panel 2
Dyptich Artwork on panels - The Rhythm of Life by Klangwelt
Sketch Book Progress
Inhalt der Nacht Canvas Painting Klangwelt