Hi, I am Klangwelt! I am a visual designer, artist, and art or creative director according to the project. I’m a graduate of Computer Science University in Europe, as well as a Communication Sciences college dropout.

I started my professional journey two decades ago, as a web designer. Since then, I have designed hundreds of websites, digital experiences and brand identities for individual artists, small companies, and established cultural brands alike. My designs have contributed to significant increase in revenue, reach and recognizability in both online and offline world for all the people I collaborated with.

Throughout the years my skills have grown and I started incorporating a lot of my passions into my arsenal. I worked in offices across Europe and USA, as well as remotely. My client roster includes well known entities like Yamaha Music, Universal Music Group, Tidal, TikTok, ASUS, or Subaru, as well as small independent emerging names.

artist, designer, musician and creative director | KLANGWELT

My work speaks to the misfits, paradigm shifters, industry rebels and norm pushers who are not afraid to stand behind their words and dare to test the limits of what’s possible, without a sacrifice in quality.

Graphic Design

Custom made graphics and marketing assets
  • Album Cover Design
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Social Media Content


Illustrations and artworks bridging the traditional mixed media and digital worlds
  • Digital art
  • Paintings & illustrations
  • NFTs


Your brand vision brought to life
  • Logo Design
  • UI/UX
  • Social Media Assets
  • Merch design


Editing and concepts for...
  • Promo videos
  • Podcasts
  • VJing and live events

My creative services are tailored towards the arts, music, and culture sectors. Being an artist myself, I comprehend all the struggles of the field, and I work towards overcoming them on a daily basis. My understanding of both artistic, and technological side, makes me a well-rounded and versatile designer.

I focus on collaborating with dynamic and sustainable brands who value longevity, unique branding, bold design and heartfelt visual campaigns. I blend the latest technologies with tried & tested methods, in order to create long-lasting solutions, not only quick fixes.

Step 1.

Discovery call

Every project starts with a discovery call where together with the client we explore style preferences, competitors, and inspiration behind the project.

Step 2.

Concept ideation

Next, I start creating concepts and, depending on the project's needs, sketching or drawing mood boards or wireframes.

Step 3.


The last step is finalizing the selected concept(s) and delivering them in a package format containing all the necessary files.

Various Music Videos and Music Visualizers

Various Music Videos and Music Visualizers

New School Recordings Creative Direction

New School Recordings Creative Direction

Erik Yahnkovf Amber Alert EP Album Cover Design

Erik Yahnkovf Amber Alert EP Album Cover Design

Shanahan For You EP Album Artwork Design

Shanahan For You EP Album Artwork Design

colosseum header design branding detail
Colosseum Luxury Spa Branding
alio fitness club tank top hat logo
ALIO Fitness Club Logo Design
Online Architect Web Design by Klangwelt
Architect UI/UX
Creative Illustration Agency Branding
Illustration Art Agency UI/UX
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how each of my skills plays a role in my job as

My art skills allow me to always deliver aesthetically coherent solutions

Visual Design

Visually pleasing solutions need to be backed by functionality


A successful project always includes ease of use, intuitiveness and accessibility

Video & Animation

Video-centric and immersive projects are more on-demand than ever


Communicating through digital content is part of any branding and marketing effort

Sound Design

Sound is an integral component to any interactive or immersive project

New Media Artworks powered by blockchain technology

My NFTs combine art, visual design, animation and audio, pushing the boundaries of multimedia

Part of the collective exhibition «Community» organized by Decentrazines, «Disconnect» explores the disconnection we feel as humans between each other, between us and our environments, and between the realm of emotions and logic.

«Disconnect» comes as a visual warning signal for us to find a delicate balance between our strive for technological progress and our innate humanity.

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Aoede by Klangwelt Days of Dark Art

NFT piece for “31 Days of Darkness” organized by The Coven dark art collective in celebration of Halloween

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21 Days of Krampus - The Coven Collection
21 Days of Krampus

NFT piece for “21 Days of Krampus” organized by The Coven dark art collective in celebration of Krampus/Christmas

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SOL Collection

1/1 NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain

“Soul Link” series explores the coming together of metaphysical concepts, mythological elements and technology, in a unique blend between digital art, audio and traditional fine art techniques.

Soul Link I : Anima

Soul Link I : Anima

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Soul Link II NFT
Soul Link II : 2222

Soul Link II : 2/22/22

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Soul Link III NFT minting soon

Soul Link III : *minting soon*

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“If you're after quality, affordable and fitting graphics, Klangwelt is your best option! I received my logo in a short period of time, and I was instantly happy with the results. It's very clear that she takes the time to deliver a satisfying complete project. I would recommend Klangwelt to any of my friends and colleagues. ”

Audien (Ultra Music / Spinnin' Records)

Musician, DJ

”Klangwelt Design was able to make my vision come to life with her services. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great logo.”

Ares Carter (Big & Dirty / Spinnin' Records)

Musician, DJ

”Klangwelt is without a doubt the most professional, inspiring and creative people I have ever worked with. I am a designer myself, and it speaks large amounts for me to take myself away from my own company to approach another! I can't explain how much originality and creativity comes out of each design, whether it would be branding, album cover, or anything social media for example.”

Shanahan (REVEALED / Armada)

Musician, DJ

The Darkest Night Radio Show
The Darkest Night Radio Show Visuals
Yama Euphorix Quarantings 004 Visuals
Euphorix Quarantings 004 Online Festival Visuals
BOKKEN Euphorix Quarantings 004 Visuals
Euphorix Quarantings 004 Online Festival Visuals

Various Music Videos and Music Visualizers

a variety of video edits and animations for music videos, festivals, and events

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May 1, 2010

New School Recordings Creative Direction

The building of New School Recordings brand

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March 25, 2022

Erik Yahnkovf Amber Alert EP Album Cover Design

album artwork cover design for Erik Yahnkovf – “Amber Alert” EP out on Amalgm8 Music

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February 3, 2022

Shanahan For You EP Album Artwork Design

album artwork cover design for Shanahan – For You self released EP

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