Who Am I and What Am I Good At?

Hi, I am Klangwelt! I am a creative director and visual designer and I help lifestyle and entertainment brands break out of the mold with a strong, unmistakable and effective branding identity.

Klangwelt artwork photography illustration

If you are asking yourself “why” a lot, you are habitually curious about what’s next and often wonder if there might be another way, I am here to make your vision a reality.

Being torn apart between perfect aesthetics and perfect functionality is a struggle I’m very familiar with. Luckily, I have a degree in Computer Science and courses in Arts & Media, which allow me to achieve the perfect balance between the two without a lot of compromise.

Desk and office of Klangwelt

My work speaks to the misfits, paradigm shifters and norm pushers who are not afraid to stand behind their words and dare to test the limits of what’s possible.

Premium Visual Design and Creative Direction

Industries Served

Up and coming luxury, fashion, lifestyle and culture brands, artists and labels that are looking for effective upscale branding which speaks to the modern trends and new generations.

Existing luxury, lifestyle, culture and fashion brands that want to appeal to new market segments and catch the attention of a younger demographic through unique branding and design.

Featured Project

colosseum header design branding detail

I helped Colosseum Luxury Spa establish their online presence and brand image by designing their entire identity from scratch.

They needed a professional, stylish and unique looking website and visual identity, so I based their designs around ancient roman and greek elements which depict class and trustworthiness.

More samples of my design work


Because I am more than a simple designer...

A lot of people ask me what exactly it is that I do. My biggest strengths reside in the visual design area. I love designing everything from logos to magazines to carefully polished user interfaces and website layouts.

I also love combining watercolor illustrations with digital techniques to create unique artworks and graphic designs.

Last, but not least, I adore creative direction and creating visual stories through the use of photography, writing, strategy and styling.

Graphic Design, Branding and User Experience by Klangwelt

Ready to work together?

Playing small is not in my vocabulary and I want us to go places together! Especially since I got your back when it comes to coherence. Because let’s face it, finding a great and trustworthy designer / creative director, is hard!

Did you know? Everything you see on this website has been creative directed, designed, developed and – in most cases – shot by me, from scratch. I can do the same for you, so you won’t have to work with multiple people.