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...and this is my studio. Here I design bold and intricate graphics, identities and websites for musicians, artists and creatives.

About Us

Klangwelt is a multi-disciplinary studio offering a wide range of digital products, including graphic design, artworks, web design and full branding. Our main target are musicians, bands, artists and about anyone with a creative bone in their body.

Harnessing a vast experience of over a decade in the design field and a long list of worldwide clients, Klangwelt is always looking for new challenges and creative ways of meeting every customer's need. In our creation studio every project is treated individually, dedicating countless hours into polishing every little detail, and infusing it with the care and passion that fuels our every day lives.

This company was started and is owned by Andreea Michaud, who plays the biggest role in the designing of every little thing that comes out of our office. She founded Klangwelt in her cozy European one-bedroom apartment, choosing to switch the side of the pond about two years after, when she moved to Boston, USA. Ever since then, our studio has shown a slow and steady growth, maintaing the smallness and care level of a start-up, but striving for the professionalism and integrity of a reputable corporation.

At Klangwelt we prefer quality over quantity, encouraging free expression, and working towards the best interests of our client's cultural standards. We believe that quality and uniqueness is valued most, and that being memorable, looking sharp, stylish, and professional is more affordable than a shallow short-term solution.

From the smallest to the largest detail, we want to shape your story and help you share it with the world. Our mission is to help musicians, artists and creatives all over the world reach their full potential through bold and intricate designs.

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Selected Works

How can you survive in a world that is more competitive than ever and saturated with products and services that fail to deliver their promise? Invest in good branding!

We always work closely with our clients making sure their ideas are heard and their needs are met and well researched prior to project commencement. Here are some samples of our designs.

As Above So Below

The 60in (width) x 36in (height) Triptych Canvas Digital Painting



The AUDaCITY Tour Image Design


Deus Ex Machina

Poster sized artwork 11x14 inches, inspired by the concept of "God inside the Machine".



Album Artwork for New School Recordings' 36th release: Aire. Both the song and the artwork received many compliments from fans all over the globe. The girl's picture used in this artwork is by photographer Marcus Ranum.


Destroy FX website reimagined

Destroy FX makes cool open source plugins and VSTs for musicians and music producers, so we thought of taking a little time and dedicate it to re-imagining its website, as a passion project.


Shanahan Logo Design

Logo design for musician, Dj and producer Jake Shanahan.

What We Do.

We help our customers every day to be one step closer to their goals and we work hand in hand with them to turn dreams into plans and ideas into tangible results.

No Cure For Life [NCFL] 4K Wallpaper Design by KLANGWELT
No Cure For Life [NCFL]
4K Digital Artwork
No Cure For Life [NCFL] 4K Wallpaper Design by KLANGWELT
No Cure For Life [NCFL]
4K Digital Artwork
No Cure For Life [NCFL] Full Branding by KLANGWELT
NoCureForLife.com [NCFL]
Full Branding
Digital Art by KLANGWELT - Tourist Trap Artwork
Tourist Trap
Digital Artwork
Album Art Shanahan - The Bull Release Cover
Shanahan - The Bull
Album Cover Design
Various Watercolor Illustrations - Klangwelt
Various Watercolor Illustrations
Artwork Design
Album Art Eliel Arrey and Nasomi - Rise (Try, Try, Try) Release Cover
Eliel Arrey & Nasomi - Rise
Album Cover Design
Trash The Penny Full Branding - Klangwelt
Trash The Penny
Full Branding
As Above So Below Triptych Canvas Digital Painting - Klangwelt
As Above So Below
Triptych Canvas Digital Painting
Audien AUDaCITY Tour Poster and Artwork Design - Klangwelt
Audien AUDaCITY Tour
Tour Image Design
Cat Depot Poster and Artwork Design - Klangwelt
Cat Depot (catdepot.org)
Poster Design
Midnight Stardust Artwork Design - Klangwelt
Midnight Stardust
Artwork Design
Deus Ex Machina Artwork Design - Klangwelt
Deus Ex Machina
Artwork Design
Breath of Fire Artwork Design - Klangwelt
Breath of Fire
Artwork Design
Hypnotize Artwork Design - Klangwelt
Artwork Design
Wonders Tshirt Design - Klangwelt
Wonders Tshirt Design
Get it NOW on NoCureForLife.Com!
Landscape Poetry UI Design - Klangwelt
Landscape Poetry
Concept UI Design
Destroy FX Website Design - Klangwelt
DFX Website Reimagined
Destroy FX Redesign
Paul van Dyk Evolution Artwork Design - Klangwelt
Paul van Dyk
Evolution contest
Aire Album Artwork Design - Klangwelt
Album Artwork Design
Poland Album Artwork Design - Klangwelt
Album Artwork Design
Creative Agency Web UI Concept Design - Klangwelt
Creative Agency
Web UI Concept
Hands in the Air Musician Web UI Layout Design - Klangwelt
Hands in the Air
Musician / Band Web UI Layout
Actor Concept App UI Design - Klangwelt
Actor App UI
Concept App
New School Nights Poster Design - Klangwelt
New School Nights January
Poster Design
New School Nights Poster Design - Klangwelt
New School Nights November
Poster Design
The Chemistry of Sound Website Design - Klangwelt
Chemistry of Sound
Website Design
Meleefresh Artwork Design - Klangwelt
Meleefresh Artwork
Play Records
New School Nights Poster Design - Klangwelt
New School Nights February
Poster Design
Tyler Michaud Full Branding - Klangwelt
Tyler Michaud
Full Branding
London Sky Album Artwork Design - Klangwelt
London Sky
Album Artwork Design
Carl Nunes Artwork Logo Design - Klangwelt
Carl Nunes
Logo Design & Artworks
New School Recordings Full Branding - Klangwelt
New School Recordings
Full Branding
Computer Repair Web Design - Klangwelt
Computer Repair
Web Design
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Our Skills


Our experience in web design is stretched along 10 beautiful years.


We love making websites and branding, but we love the visual side the most.


Creativity is the glue that binds our technical and organizational skills together.


The majority of the photography and textures used in our designs are shot by us.



We are specialized in graphic and web design, offering complete branding solutions, as well as individual services, like album covers, logos, website layouts (slicing included!), UIs, web development (HTML, xHTML, CSS, Wordpress), banners, posters, fliers, newsletters, social media customization etc. We are always up for challenges so if you are interested in something that we have not listed please contact us for further info.

We have been founded in Boston, Massachusetts and recently moved offices in the tropical oasis of Florida, but our business will remain international. Meaning: we are working with customers all over the world. We are not limited to certain areas, therefore working remotely is not a problem for us. No matter where you are located we will make sure our designs will get to you on time and your deadlines will be met.

Graphic Design

Intricate and full of richness, our artworks will not only bring your ideas to life so the whole world can notice your artistry, but they will also seduce and daze you with their dreaminess. They say a picture is worth 1000 words...

Web Development

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, responsive, Wordpress, e-commerce. These are not just buzz words in our agenda, these are standards and techniques we use in the development of our websites to ensure a cutting-edge user experience.

Web Design and UI

Web Design nowadays is not only dedicated to the desktop screen anymore. Tablets, smartphones, 4K displays and technological gadgets take over more and more of our lives, so we basically design a different interface for each of these needs.

Full Branding

Your brand is not your logo. Your brand starts with the logo. A solid brand encompasses the entire image and message that you reflect to the world. Web presence, merchandise, social media channels – these are all requirements for a solid brand.

Our Pricing

Why aren't we listing our prices online?

We do not set a fixed price for our products because we are not a "one-size-fits-all" creative studio. Each project we work on is different and treated with the utmost care and professionalism to bring your dreams and ideas into reality. We make the best efforts to respond to your specific needs and give you the fittest solution taking into consideration factors like timeframe, difficulty level, and size of the task.


We offer competitive packaged rates for our clients and discounts for those who need full branding solutions. Want to know more?

Drop us a line: info@klangwelt.com

Why choose us when you can buy a template or do it yourself?

We have a vast work experience and we are using the latest technologies for our projects. Plus we freakin' love what we do!
Our style is unique, therefore you will end up with a product that is unique. We are stepping up to new challenges on a daily basis.
We're not driven by profit but by the purpose of investing all back into our studio in order to be able to help others better.
We are always looking to better our skills and we are making the best efforts to keep up with the rapid movement of the creative world.
design-promo design-promo-work

Success Stories

Who or what would we be without a story? But, more interesting than the story we tell ourselves every day, are the stories that our partners and clients have crafted about us through their own lens. Below you can read some of them.



CSS Design Awards Winner
Every day of the year the CSSDA judges scrutinize submissions from web professionals in over 200 countries on a quest to award and promote brilliant web design and uncover the world's best web designers. View our award here.

CSS Design Awards nominated and awarded us for the design and development of Tyler Michaud's website in the fall of 2011.

Website of the Day
Website of the Day on Web Design Inspiration

Tyler Michaud's website, designed and coded by us, was The Website of the Day in November 2011.

CSS Design Awards Nominee
Nominated on CSS Design Awards

This nomination was for the design and coding of New School Recordings' website in the Spring of 2011.

Our Beloved Clients

We take pride in working with amazing people from all over the world. Here are a few that crossed our path.

Universal Music Group
Primary Wave Music
Genuine Interactive

Curious about our creative process ?

Before starting any projects we brainstorm with our clients about target markets, inspiring works, and the competition. It is extremely vital to know who your competitor is in order to put your best foot forward. Getting into the mind of your ideal target is an important part of the research. It enables us to respond to the requests of the market, and at the same time keep our unique creative integrity and professional standards intact.


Contact Us

We know how valuable your time is, that's why we designed a quick and easy way to contact us for any urgent matters.

Get in Touch.

Need to address our management department?

Have a bug to report or you have discovered an error?

We hate spam and unsolicited mail.

With that in mind, for inquiries related to our services or quote requests, please Email: info@klangwelt.com

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About Klangwelt

Klangwelt is a multi-disciplinary studio offering a wide range of digital products, including graphic design, web design and full branding.

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