Who Am I and What Am I Good At?

Hi, I am Klangwelt! I am a creative director, content creator and visual designer. What do I do? I help lifestyle and culture brands break out of the mold through unique branding and moving visual content and marketing.

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If you need more than just run of the mill graphics, a visual identity that hits the mark in all areas, and you are ready to step up to the next level of stardom in your business – you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s cut through the noise together and create a vision that transforms how people see your brand. Because you had enough of playing it small and not seeing any results!

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My work speaks to the misfits, paradigm shifters and norm pushers who are not afraid to stand behind their words and dare to test the limits of what’s possible.

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Industries Served

I focus on fashion, lifestyle and culture brands, artists and labels that are looking for effective branding and stunning content which speaks to modern trends and new generations.

I focus on collaborating with dynamic brands who want to appeal to new market segments and catch the attention of a younger demographic through unique branding, design and visual campaigns.

Featured Project

colosseum header design branding detail

I helped Colosseum Luxury Spa establish their online presence and brand image by designing their entire identity from scratch.

They needed a professional, stylish and unique looking website and visual identity, so I based their designs around ancient roman and greek elements which depict class and trustworthiness.

A Few Samples of Visuals and Designs I have Created for My Clients

Branded content creation:

Branding and websites:


Because I am more than a simple designer...

• When you choose to work with me, you say yes to working with a real professional, who doesn’t only have the experience to show for it, but also has proven results

• Everything I do is custom made for YOU and I provide unique branding solutions tailored to your specific needs

• My skills are versatile and ever evolving, which means I will challenge myself every time to create even better results for your business than I did before

• Even though my focus is global, I never outsource anything. Everything is done in-house, from my office in sunny Florida

• There are no hidden fees, subscription plans or recurring payments. I design and create everything from scratch, so this is not a “do-it-yourself” or automated service.

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Ready to work together?

Playing small is not in my vocabulary and I want us to go places together! The base for any strong brand starts with coherent branding and powerful storytelling. This is achieved through consistent visuals and content. Let the world know about you!

I design and create everything from scratch because I believe in the power of authenticity. The most iconic brands in the world are true to themselves and their core values, while adapting to the never ending change in the marketing landscape.


“Wonders” Art T-shirt Limited Edition 2020

As is tradition, every summer I make a new limited edition T-shirt with my art, and this year I wanted to bring one of my all time favorites designs in a new light. “Wonders” has been one of my first apparel projects and while I love this design on white, I discovered it also looks [...]

July – August Art Exhibition in St Petersburg Florida

Starting this July and continuing throughout the entire month of August, I have the exciting opportunity to participate in a collective art exhibition at Five Deuces Galleria in St. Petersburg FL.

I’ve Been Interviewed by the LAMA APP

So excited!! For those of you who’ve been following me on social media, you’ve seen that a little while ago I’ve been interviewed by LAMA APP. And thought it would be a cool thing to share my answers on here as well (finally).