The Future is Flexible

I strongly believe that the more we advance technologically and the more we grow as a species, remote work will become the norm, replacing the traditional “9 to 5” model. Today’s life is just too unpredictable, dynamic and complicated to be able to fit in a fixed, location based, hourly, type of work quantification.

We have more diverse interests than ever. And we are hungry for experiences. I think that being convinced that a full time position is more secure than something you build yourself and are in total control of is not just foolish, but also blind-sided. Did you know that freelancers now make up 35% Of U.S. workforce?

The future is flexible. The future is adaptive.

One of the reasons why I love being an independent contractor is the possibility it gives me to be involved in as many creative outlets as possible and having a varied portfolio of clients and projects. Another one is flexibility, which ensures that I will do my best, all of the time. 

Seeing the digital and design field morph and transform over the past (almost) two decades and having the experience of working with so many people throughout three continents, coming from many cultural backgrounds or working environments, makes me more and more decided to follow the path of solo entrepreneurship. It gives me control and power to dedicate energy and focus to whatever the next skill I want to sharpen or whatever the next brand’s life I need to shape and build. I love that!

I’m quite allergic to routine and things that drag on forever with little to no result. This year I only had one resolution on my list: to utilize all of my skills, all of the time, at their maximum capacity, and spend as littlest time possible on things I hate. In my opinion that’s the only measure of success. That’s why I started diversifying my creative interests and trying to get involved in as many things I’m truly passionate about than ever.

Earlier last week I discovered this platform for solo professionals / entrepreneurs called Toptal, so – naturally – my curiosity pushed me to apply for a membership. Given my quite broad expertise it was a bit hard to pick just one category to apply to, but in the end I sticked to applying for the Visual Designers community, since that is one of my strongest suits.

One of the most alluring things about this platform is that it seems like a more exclusive place (they claim only 3% of the professionals applying are being accepted) and I just can’t wait to see what comes out of this new adventure. Wish me luck!

Also, if you too believe that the future is flexible and you want to help build it together through outstanding branding and designs, give me a nudge: info {at}

Author: klangwelt

Hey there, I’m Andreea Kay (aka Klangwelt)! I’m a Creative Director and Visual Designer creating outstanding branding identities – from scratch! – for luxury, lifestyle, fashion and culture brands. I’m passionate about all things art and design. I’m also a fashion and style blogger: Style Unsettled. Follow my adventures!

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