The Fear of Letting Go

When we invest a lot of time, money, passion and / or resources into something, we feel like IT becomes a part of us, like it is our little baby, and it becomes really hard to detach ourselves from it and let it go when time comes.

I mean… I get it! I am the same way about my projects and the things that I create and it becomes so difficult to realize that maybe it’s time to let it go, maybe it’s time to refresh. I’ve procrastinated for weeks months revamping and rethinking my portfolio (and my branding in general) because I am so attached to all the years and all the work I’ve put into the projects you can see on this website that I became… paralyzed. Paralyzed into inaction, paralyzed into indecisiveness, afraid that is going to hurt my business, my clients, my… entire life.

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But the thing about holding on to things that no longer serve us (or are just outdated) is that they hinder us. They hinder our progress and clutter the space that we could fill with more meaningful things. Because in my opinion, life should be all about unforgettable, inspiring and meaningful moments. Life should be all about those moving experiences that shake the way you’ve been looking at things and transform your daily grind into magical times.

How can you let go of something that is outdated today? Is there anything new and fresh that you would like to incorporate into your life? Into your brand? Into your work? Has the fear of letting go ever froze you into a smaller version of yourself?

Author: klangwelt

Hey there, I’m Andreea Kay (aka Klangwelt)! I’m a Creative Director and Visual Designer creating outstanding branding identities – from scratch! – for luxury, lifestyle, fashion and culture brands. I’m passionate about all things art and design. I’m also a fashion and style blogger: Style Unsettled. Follow my adventures!

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