Colosseum Luxury Spa Branding

Colosseum Spa is a luxury spa that offers wellness and body care services in a private exotic setting.

For this branding I wanted to emphasize the extreme quality of services and top notch dedication to offering the absolute best retreat style experience to Colosseum‘s customers. That’s why aesthetically I incorporated ancient greek elements with gold accents, paired with clean fonts and a brush style logo, which gives it a more personal touch.

The main brand colors are olive green, deep forest green and gold, only subtly accented by blue (buttons) and navy (the body text). The reason I chose these colors was to underline the brand’s elegance and also Colosseum Spa‘s choice of organic and high quality natural cosmetics and products.

colosseum spa branding color scheme
colosseum luxury spa logo design

When creating a full branding identity, the first thing to take care of after finishing the logo is to start crafting the website design and user experience.

To paint the visual story of the location and the experience that the users are going to get at the spa, I used a mixture of bold imagery with extremely clean elements, like the white text boxes with ample white space juxtaposed against exuberant artwork.

Colosseum wanted a striking visual identity to set them apart from the competition and also to convey luxury and professionalism. That’s why I decided to create a custom artwork that would become the main focus of their branding, across both digital and traditional media.

colosseum header design branding detail
colosseum web design branding identity

Details of various sections of the website design, like services, testimonials and the footer.

  • Services:
colosseum services design branding detail
  • Testimonials:
colosseum testimonials carousel design branding detail
  • Footer:
colosseum footer design branding detail

And this is the full website layout design:

Colosseum web design branding identity

After I finished the UI for the website, I started designing the rest of the assets that were needed for the brand: tags, mugs for the visitors, t-shirts, robes, shopping bags, gift cards, business cards and services brochure.

colosseum luxury branding elements
Colosseum luxury spa service brochure design
Colosseum luxury spa service brochure design

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions about this branding, or if you would need one for yourself, please drop me a line!

Colosseum Luxury Spa Branding Identity Design

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