Brand Identity and Visuals for GR33D Music Artist

Logo and visual identity for music artist GR33D.

Started in 2016 and continued through 2017, this branding included logo design, album artworks, merchandise design and music videos.

GR33D Gold Logo by KLANGWELT
GR33D graphic t-shirt design

Branded Merchandise Design

Initially I designed this graphic as an asset for social media posts, but quickly GR33D and I decided it would be a good addition to the brand as merchandise.

The concept behind it maintains the edgy vibe of the artist, while drawing attention upon social and human climates.

GR33D t-shirt front graphic design

GR33D Album Artworks

GR33D - Projections album artwork COVER designed by KLANGWELT

GR33D – Projections

GR33D - Storm Sliced album artwork COVER designed by KLANGWELT

GR33D – Storm Sliced

GR33D Music Videos

Besides graphics, logo and merchandise, I also had the opportunity to create accompanying music videos for each of the artist’s album releases.

The videos are based on vj loops, as well as original shot footage and special effects.

GR33D – Storm Sliced

GR33D – Conundrum

Thank you for watching!

Hope you enjoy my work and don’t forget to send me a message if you think I can bring your brand visions to life. I specialize in graphic and visual design, web design, marketing and creative direction.

GR33D animation graphic design

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