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That is a great question! And yes indeed, there are tons of other designers out there, some more talented than I am, and some less – but what I bring to the table is more than simply my design skills.

What I have to offer is a full package, and something that you usually would need to hire multiple people (or even an entire agency) for.

My work combines over a decade and a half of experience with a variety of cultural backgrounds that I worked in, being on both sides of the fence (independent and in-house employee) and having an entrepreneurial heart. Most importantly, my work caries a lot of passion, as the only way to motivate myself to work on a project is to absolutely love it.

Having done compromises in the past, I now realize the importance of carefully picking the projects I work on and the people I collaborate with, as the best way of being successful is adding a lot of value and not trying to fit in where I do not belong.

I started learning Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Php and web design at the beginning of the year 2000.

A couple of months later I’ve already started having my first freelance clients in the form of local bands and music dedicated forums/communities that needed websites, posters, flyers and banners designed. That’s also when I started doing a lot of digital art, which at the time, was heavily inspired by music.

Later, in September 2005, I got my first full time job as a web designer in an advertising agency, which I left in 2008 for a different position, at a different design studio.

In January 2010 Klangwelt went live for the first time, under the name “Projekt Klangwelt”, and it was split in three sections: music, video and web/graphic design. Since then, the website went through a lot of transformations until this version that you can see today. And it will only continue to evolve and morph. 🙂

Before starting any project, you will receive an agreement that you will need to sign, scan and send back to me. A 50% deposit (of the total sum) is required and is non-refundable. That is to protect me and my work from people that have no intention of paying for the work and services I am providing.

After this first step is out of the way, we will have either a “kick-off” call or a series of emails where we will brainstorm, set expectations, milestones and gain as much clarity and information about the project as possible. I love picking your brain and thoroughly understanding what you need, so do not be hesitant to send any piece of information that you think might be helpful.

After this, I get to work, and you sit back and relax. I will keep you updated on the progress through weekly or bi-weekly emails (depending on the project). We can also agree on weekly, bi-weekly or as-needed phone or Skype calls throughout the entire project lifespan.

Consultation phone calls longer than 30 minutes are being charged an additional consultation fee of $100.

For a full branding project it can take anywhere between a month and six months, according to the magnitude of the project and the feedback cycle.

Believe me, I hate wasting anyone’s time – as well as mine – and drag projects forever, that’s why I offer a limited number of revisions. A well defined scope, sharp focus and step by step execution always guarantees success as opposed to constantly changing directions and never seeing anything through.

I offer consultation sessions throughout the whole project cycle especially to help you gain clarity and confidence.

I take PayPal, personal checks, credit cards through Stripe, Bitcoin and Ether (Ethereum).

YES! And I also offer bundle prices, which I highly encourage every customer to take advantage of. It might seem like a bigger commitment to take on at once, but it is more affordable for you in the long run.

Of course, in the end the choice is yours…

When I say “full branding” I mean I will build your entire brand identity and brand image from the ground up. This is what is included in most of the full branding packages:

  • I start with logo design – that will be the mark that will distinguish you at first glance
  • I design a CUSTOM website layout
  • That website layout gets transformed into an actual functioning website powered by WordPress, with functionalities tailored to YOU
  • I design your marketing assets or social media strategy according to the specific needs of your business

You can check out the various tiers of full branding packages in the pricing section.

No. I only design websites powered by WordPress. It suits the needs of my clients the best, it is the easiest for them to use and has the most flexible functionalities.

I prefer to design everything from scratch, because it is unique, personal and effective. Your business is not identical to a million of other businesses, so why use a template that a million other businesses are using?

I will occasionally use a template if the situation or client requires it, but I prefer frameworks or content building plugins instead of an actual template.

I have tried modifying and customizing pre-made templates in the past and it is NEVER as easy as it sounds like. There is always some obscure setting or weird code that the developer put in and now there are inconsistencies everywhere and the website is broken. So basically still a shit ton of work for me to fix, and you to be frustrated about. No bueno

While my strengths reside in the visual realm and I would prefer to only be in charge of the creative direction, UI/UX and graphic design aspects of such a project, I do have a few trustworthy web and iOS developer partners that I can team up with to make your beautiful app a reality. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for.

I have worked on several GUI projects in the recent past and I would love to show you a few examples. Just email me!

Perhaps, if we are a good fit for each other. My main requirements to thrive in any environment are to have creative freedom and a flexible schedule, with possibility of working remote.

I honestly do not care for snacks and ping pong. Sorry 🙂

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