A story of passion and resilience

My story as a designer and overall creative professional has started in the early year 2000, when I started studying Computer Science and I first discovered Adobe Photoshop and HTML.

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As any kid with eyes wide open and a head full of dreams, I kind of stumbled into my freelance career by creating posters, banners, artworks and websites for local bands and artists in exchange for music and exposure. But soon my skills grew and my clients picked up, so I found myself taking my web designer title quite seriously.

The early years

I left my hometown when I was only 19 in order to pursue my dreams of becoming a “real” designer in the capital. That’s when I got my first job offer to join an advertising agency as a full time web and graphic designer. Despite having to sleep in student dorms for months at a time and surviving on toast for the majority of my first year(s) of my employment career, I was happier than ever because I was fueled by something way more important than tangible items could ever provide: a relentless passion for creating beautiful things. As long as I got to create every day, I was fulfilled.

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Visual Content and Design for luxury lifestyle and fashion brands

But things took a strange turn when the economy crash of 2008/2009 hit not only United States, but Europe as well, because the agency I was working for at the time got restructured and shut down. The price for design goods dropped and all of a sudden the market exploded with competition. I was faced with two choices: get a lower paying job than I had before and potentially lose the dream I sacrificed everything in my life for, or take the uncomfortable and uncertain road of building my own independent creative services business.

Indeed, this life is a test. It is a test of many things – of our convictions and priorities, our faith and our faithfulness, our patience and our resilience, and in the end, our ultimate desires.

– Sheri L. Dew

After a couple of weeks of being torn apart between the two choices, I finally committed in my head. I was going to do this!

Despite having zero clue where to start (other than designing my portfolio and launching it to big world wide web), I knew deep down inside of me that I’ll do whatever it takes to build this business from the ground up. So this is how I was led to file the first papers to register Klangwelt® as a solo small business, on the 1st of January 2010.

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At the intersection of media and design

My first focus was designing websites, graphics and marketing assets for musicians, like I did before and I knew I was really good at. Soon I started picking up more and more skills and keeping up with the constant changes of technologies in the web design world, in an effort and dedication to remain relevant – not only for myself – but for the people and the businesses I was serving.

This is how I expanded to providing art direction, creative direction, visual design and branding for culture, entertainment and fashion industries.

Through this whole journey I also kept my artistic talents alive, because to me writing, drawing, painting and digital art became an escape from the ordinary and a catharsis for my fears, aspirations and whatever therapeutical emotions I needed an outlet for.

Technical Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite – 20 years
  • Adobe Photoshop – 20 years
  • Adobe Illustrator – 15 years
  • Adobe Dreamweaver – 10 years
  • Adobe InDesign – 5 years
  • Final Cut Pro X – 5 years
  • Adobe Lightroom & Digital Photography – 5 years
  • Mobile editing apps – 5 years
  • Ableton Live – 5 years
  • PowerPoint/Keynote – 3 years
  • Microsoft Office/Google Docs – 3 years
  • Figma – 1 year
  • ProCreate iPad Pro – 1 year
Professional Skills

  • Web Design – 20 years
  • Graphic and Visual Design – 20 years
  • UI/UX – 10 years
  • Art Direction – 10 years
  • Creative Direction – 10 years
  • Video Editing – 7 years
  • Content Creation & Marketing – 7 years
  • Strategy and Design Thinking – 7 years
Soft Skills

  • attention to detail
  • big-picture thinking
  • problem solving oriented
  • curiosity & desire to learn
  • empathetic
  • flexible & versatile
  • dynamic
  • self starter and self-driven
  • quality-first approach
  • risk-taker

It was a rocky road, with extraordinary ups, and eye opening downs, but the adventure is not over yet; and I’m looking forward to the challenges and growth opportunities that living a creative entrepreneurial life provides, committing myself over and over again to bringing to life excellent visual stories and outstanding design experiences.

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