Independent creative director and visual designer crafting high quality branding identities for luxury lifestyle, arts and fashion brands

Who am I and why should you care?

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I am an independent creative director, visual designer and content creator. I am specialized in digital media and I rock at creating bold, luxurious, branding identities.

…Especially for lifestyle and arts/culture brands that need that extra stroke of creative madness.


Hi, I am Klangwelt! I am an art & creative director and visual designer who – for the past 16 years – has helped lifestyle brands and artists break out of the mold with a strong, unmistakable and effective branding identity. I do that through carefully crafted human-centered designs and eye-catching visual content.

My itch for sophistication and dynamic, bold and fresh designs has always pushed me to relentlessly learn new things and strive to better my skills on an – almost (hey, I’m human too!) – basis.

What I’m best at is creating eye-catching, vibrant and bold identities, and premium designs or visual stories which wow customers and convert people into instant fans.

Love Design

Whenever I start a new branding project my strategy is to listen to your goals and where your business hurts, then tap into the latest trends to uncover what your audience responds really good to.

Once I leverage that knowledge, I conceptualize how to build a visual identity for you that looks sophisticated and will stand the test of time. I usually start by designing the logo, then progressing to the web presence (more simply put: website), the marketing materials for campaigns and, most likely, social media content.

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Ready to rock?

My vast experience as both an independent contractor and in-house / design agency employee is making me a valuable addition to any team or brand looking to grow and do great things together, as I understand the full life cycle of a project. What I love the most is to connect with and transform businesses or individuals through wonderfully designed and styled visual stories.

If you want just a simple graphic designer, logo designer or web designer – of course – there will always be someone cheaper (or faster) that could do the job for you! In today’s super saturated market is so difficult choosing the right and the most reliable contractor to work with. ESPECIALLY if you haven’t met them before.

I get it! And I won’t hold it against you or be offended if you go with someone more fit for your needs. Because my goal is to create powerful brands, with a coherent visual identity, strong – clear – message and a lot of passion for their business and what they put out in the world.

If this sounds like you though and you are ready to commit to improve your visual content and to elevate your branding today by taking a chance on me and my design services…

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My proficiencies

Branding, Visual Design, Illustration
Design Thinking, Art Direction, Creative Direction
UI/UX, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Php

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