About me

I am a creative director, multidisciplinary designer, digital & visual artist, photographer and I can code too! “

Showcasing works of extreme versatility and an exuberant, maximalist, style, Klangwelt flaunts multiple skills ranging from digital art and graphic design to web interfaces and photography.

Klangwelt’s experience stretches across 16+ years, including not only advertising agency employment, but also freelancing and executive experience throughout both Europe and United States.

While she considers graphic design and digital art her strongest suit, she loves remaining constantly creative by flirting with multiple mediums and visual outlets, like branding, watercolor painting, illustration, user experience and web design.

Klangwelt has a large array of international clients, including greatly established brands like Subaru, Universal Music Group, LiveNation, Sony Entertainment, Yamaha, Harley Davidson or Grammy nominated artists, as well as companies and artists looking to startup their identity from the ground up.

Besides being insanely in love with visual art & design, she also loves fashion, cooking, photography and adventures.

Don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello on her email or Instagram!

Satisfied clients

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Mastered disciplines

Awards Winner

Why hire me over other creatives?
Because I have big dreams, and I know you do, too!

Together we can build wonderful products and digital experiences that change the way future looks like, in both small and big ways. Throughout the years I have helped hundreds of brands and individuals bring their business dreams to life by crafting high quality, user focused and impactful designs & visual stories. Playing small is not in my vocabulary, and if you are looking for a driven and very hands-on creative leader or designer, you have come to the right place!

I am versatile and I love creative challenges, which makes me a powerful asset to your brand/company because you do not have to work with multiple people to achieve a coherent, professional, result.

Needless to say, I am extremely passionate about what I do, infusing love and care into every single art / branding / design project I get to work on. That also makes me not afraid to roll up my sleeves and be very hands-on with all the tasks I need to accomplish.

The best creative solutions come from looking at problems from different angles, that is the magic of design thinking. That’s why I love bringing a breath of fresh air to any undertaking and disrupt the old and the stale.

I strongly believe that in today’s world you cannot thrive if you do not constantly keep up with technology and the ever-moving IT field. I make an effort to keep my skills sharp by reading all the major art, user experience and design publications on an – almost – daily basis. I also love expanding and growing my talents by pushing myself out of my comfort zone with various side projects and ventures, or picking up new skills as the demand requires.

I do not rush into decisions and I do a lot of research before starting any project, because I want to offer you the absolute BEST service and of the HIGHEST quality.


Graphic Design & Digital Art
Web & UX Design
Web Development